Kids Who Play Professional Sports (part II)

Kids Who Play Professional Sports (part II)

 Akshay Bhatia : are their unique talents among golf players you bet there are and even if you think that golf is a game for middle aged people we have a kid who proves the opposite Akshay Bhatia from the US was born on January the 31st 2002 and now he's already 18 years old this is a

leading junior golfer who has many achievements he was runner-up at the 2018 US Junior Amateur he won two silver medals at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics and he played on the Junior Presidents Cup team in 27 and the Junior Ryder Cup in 2018 with both teams winning and this is not even the complete list at the moment he is home-schooled and doesn't plan to go to college instead he's going to dedicate his life to playing golf professionally

 Joo-Joo Noda : meet Noda a 12 year old athlete from Japan she loves it family and pets and looks no diffe

rent from her peers an ordinary cute girl who drives her Formula three racing car Pat's nine years old she began to drive a formula for car and became the youngest driver in history and it's 11 she started driving Formula three cars of course all the races and Composition she took part in don't have an official status but only because you can't qualify for the race until you turn 16 but does this stop jew-jew not a chance she smashed a formula for lap record at the Okayama International Circuit but the time of one minutes and thirty two point eight seconds the official local record for this vehicle is still one point three point seven six nine seconds by the way the previous record was established by shintaro car batter at 22 years old do you realize the difference in age as the daughter of former Formula One driver Hideki Noda  who also runs a successful drivers Academy JooJoo grew up with a passion for racing she has an amazing ability to feel the car and the racers father is sure that this skill was inherited from him when juju feels that she's at her limit she can take a step back but in any situation she remains focused relaxed and quick she'll have to wait until 2021 before she can compete on a professional level but the ambitious juju has enough patience after all she's aiming for the big league right away and it's gonna become the first female Formula One driver to win the race this is really a great goal and you know for some reason it seems to us that you'll definitely succeed even now she can handle what even adults might find challenging just imagine juji weighs barely more than 30 kilos but she can easily handle 4 g-forces and she said it's all afraid of speed.

Ashima Shira effets is now 19 years old and she is known as one of the best junior rock climbers the new york times referred to her as a bouldering phenom an outside magazine described her

as a young crusher but how did she get all this attention the thing is Ashima an American who emigrated from Japan began climbing at the age of six and her parents who weren't actually that much into sports supported her daughter's passion despite a young age it soon became clear that this was not simply a passion but a real calling because the girl was climbing slopes that even some adults found challenging for example at the 11 in October 2012 she climbs southern smoke at the Red River Gorge becoming the youngest person to climber roots of this difficulty. Ashima has many records and one video is simply not enough to list them all for example in 2017 she was the winner in the female sports category at the USA climbing sports and speed open national championships she's now competing in an adult category and her fame keeps growing from competition to competition AJ.

 Stunts : who do you imagine can ride a bike probably a brutal hardcore man most likely with a beard I need

your clothes your boots and your motorcycle and if we're talking about bike stunts then you probably imagine some kind of a daredevil well how about a seven-year-old boy meet AJ Heinicke a young stunt rider according to the information on its website yes he already has a website he was four years old when he first wrote a motorcycle at five the boy had already started performing different stunts many wonder if that was a scary experience for a kid but keep in mind that in childhood many things that frightened your parents didn't seem scary to you at all you weren't afraid to climb trees roofs and make other crazy things an adult might consider dangerous so why would a five-year-old boy be afraid of motorcycle stunts AJ loves his cool and fast bike but don't think that his parents don't care about his hobby they support their son and make sure that he's safe like many other young talented kids the boy plans to turn his passion into a career in the future and he continues to work on his skills every day.