Do Animals Dream?

I was having a dream about my dog speaking of dreams have you ever stopped and wondered what's going on in your furry friends head well it's sweet do animals have dreams the same way humans do the hardest part about answering this question for scientists is that well

Do Animals Dream?

perhaps can't tell us about their dreams but basically everything we do know about whether or not animals dream comes from what we know about our own dreams each night about an hour or two after you fall asleep your eyeballs will start starting around behind your closed eyelids this stage of your sleep cycle

is called REM or REM sleep which stands for rapid eye movement during this stage your body is powered down but your brain is as active as when you're awake for humans the REM stage is when Dreaming begins many scientists have looked at the brain activity of sleeping in to try and solve the mystery once and for all what they found is that over all mammals and birds have a REM stage when they sleep and cold-blooded animals like reptiles amphibians and fish don't but the research didn't stop there researchers at MIT put rats on a track and measured their brain activity while

they move towards food at the other end of the track once the same rat fell into the REM stage of sleep they measured their brain again and saw identical

patterns this led scientists to believe that the rats were dreaming about running for food on the track many experts believe the same thing is true for dogs like rat pups likely dream about their day-to-day lives and experience pretty cool even cooler the smaller the dog the more it dreams small dogs can have dreams and often as every hour Aesir between dreams in another

study scientists measured the brain activity of singing birds once trip Birds fell asleep the researchers measured again and you guessed it the brain activity was almost exactly the same the experts still don't know for sure but they just led many to believe that the birds are either dreaming about singing or they can hear their own song in a suite so does your little pug muffin dream many experts think it's likely the next time your dog starts running in place while sleeping rest assured she's probably dreaming about that great fuzzy tennis ball in the skies that's a good boy.