Do Aliens Exist?

For as long as humans have existed, one specific mystery has inspired more curiosity than all others: are we alone in the universe, or is there alien life in outer space?

Do Aliens Exist?

Aliens do exist space is so enormous ly huge that the chance of there being intelligent life somewhere in outer space is pretty good that's because there's billions and billions of planets in our galaxy alone and some of those are considered earth-like by NASA because they have a lot of the same conditions as earth scientists have been searching for earth-like planets that can support life and they're finding some pretty cool stuff in 2015 a NASA

mission found the first planet that might be a candidate for supporting life the terribly named planet kepler-452b which they're calling earth 2.0 is about the same size as Earth and is the right distance from its Sun to support intelligent life it likely even has a rocky surface that could support water in plants and earth 2.0 isn't the only candidate for alien life as recently as February 2017 NASA discovered seven more earth-like planets while searching through space okay so there's a planet out there that's really similar to Earth but what does that have to do with aliens to understand that you need to know the basic ingredients that create life on Earth water basic elements like carbon or nitrogen and an energy source like the Sun it doesn't matter if you're talking about a microscopic bug or a big blue whale all life on Earth is created

using these same general ingredients that's why scientists have focused on planets that are earthly if all the ingredients that we know can create life are there then maybe just maybe though aliens so have we found alien life yet no we haven't but space is a really really really big place and our instruments for searching the galaxy are pretty limited today so it's likely that aliens exists somewhere in space it's just gonna take lots of searching to find them and that won't stop us from trying maybe the coolest attempt so far happened in 1977 when NASA launched a space probe called Voyager 1 the probe was launched carrying a golden record for an alien civilization to find and listen to the hope is that if the Voyager spacecraft is ever discovered by an alien race it'll be a great way for them to learn about us and find where we live it contains greetings in 55 languages earth sounds like volcanoes wind rain frogs elephants a heartbeat Morse code a train a tractor and even a kiss it also contains pieces of traditional music from different cultures recordings of brainwaves 116 pictures detailing human life and even directions back to earth everyday Voyager one floats further away from Earth and the Golden Record on board should stay in playable condition for over a billion years in the forty years since Voyager 1 was launched it has traveled more than 11 trillion miles through space which is nothing compared to how big the galaxies.

so if there are aliens flying through space let's just hope they happen to

pass by our little puttering pros and come say hi and now you know that there may just be aliens in space