Panic Away Review

Hi, it’s Eddie here, and this is my Panic Away review where i will give you all the details about this popular anxiety elimination program

Panic Away Review

I’m going to tell you about my experience of using this treatment program, and what it entails. I’ll tell you the positives and the negatives so that hopefully i give you the information you require to decide whether or not this is the right treatment program for you.

In the dark days, when i was still suffering from excessive anxiety and panic attacks, i was prescribed medication by my doctor. I’m sure that a lot of you share my experience.

To begin with i believed that this was going to be the solution to my problems. After all, if my doctor was telling me to do this in order to get better, it must be the best thing to do, right?

MedicationWell, unfortunately not. After a short while i realised that although i was getting some temporary reduction in my anxiety, i wasn’t actually getting any better, and the prospect of living a rewarding ‘normal’ life in the future was not getting any closer as time continued to drift by.

I felt like i was just surviving, getting by as best as i could, with little chance of living life to the full. It saddened and frustrated me that i couldn’t even begin to take on the sort of challenges and rewarding lifestyles that i saw friends and family take for granted.

So i started to hunt for alternatives that could offer the chance of a cure for my condition, and that i could afford. I ended up trying a number of books and treatment programs in my effort to solve my problems. The last one i tried was Panic Away.

None of the solutions for anxiety disorder that i have personally come across can claim to be perfect, partly because different people sometimes respond to different things and different approaches.

So i thought i would write this Panic Away review to detail the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment program as i see it from my personal experience of using it, and in relation to some of the other approaches that i have tried.

Panic Away is an anxiety elimination treatment program by Barry McDonagh, that is aimed at people who are suffering from general anxiety, panic attacks and agaraphobia. The course consists of the following:

  • The Panic Away manual, which contains the bulk of the instructional element of the course.
  • The ‘Fast Track’ video which covers the details of the treatment strategies in visual format.
  • You get 3 cd’s of essential exercises (audio files if you download the treatment program)
  • A forum that is run by qualified therapists that are on hand to provide you with help.


Panic Away Review – The Positives

1. The biggest positive is of course that it worked for me and helped me to put my anxiety and panic attacks behind me. I found that my improvement happened very quickly, quicker than i thought possible after i had been struggling with anxiety for so long.

2. The treatment program provides you with all the information and exercises you need to cure your anxiety problem. At the heart of the course is the ‘One Move’ technique which helps you to overcome your anxiety disorder for good.

3. The course comes with a lifetime membership to the Panic Away forum. This is really helpful and if you are having any problems with your anxiety and your attempts to implement the material in the treatment program successfully, you can be guaranteed to get help here. I found the responses i got from my interactions in the forum helped to guide me and made sure i stuck with the program until i had a successful conclusion. This is a great resource to draw upon if you need it, so make sure to use it.

4. The Panic Away site has many audio and photo testimonials from real people worldwide who have been helped by this course, so i know that i am not an exception in finding that this treatment program holds the solution.

5. You can get a free 7 part course from the Panic Away website before buying anything, which can help you to further decide whether or not the treatment program is right for you.

learn: 1-How to be a Positive-Parent

           2-Causes of Eye-Irritations

           3-How to change your eating-habits and eat better

6. Panic Away is recommended and given the seal of approval by a number of qualified psychologists, so you know that this treatment program is based on sound scientific principles and is well regarded by the academic community. You can see their testimonials on the Panic Away website.

7. It is far cheaper than a course of therapy from a psychotherapist, which can often cost thousands of dollars without any chance of a refund if it doesn’t work, unlike the guarantee offered with Panic Away. It is also significantly cheaper than the Linden Method, another popular anxiety elimination treatment program which covers similar ground.

8. There is no need to be taking potentially harmful medication while using Panic Away, it will help you to do away with that sort of crutch.

9. Panic Away comes with a 60 day guarantee. If you are not happy with the treatment program for any reason after you buy it, you can get a refund within that time period.


Panic Away Review – The Drawbacks

1. Similar to other treatment programs of this kind, you don’t get to work with someone face to face like you would do if you went to see a therapist. So to see results you have to be able to motivate yourself to really commit to the treatment program and carry out the instructions it contains.The support that is available to you via the forum and email does help to make up for this though, and can provide you with a high level of help and guidance.


Panic Away Review – Conclusion

Of all the treatment options i have tried, Panic Away is easily my favourite, because it’s the one that worked for me and allowed me to put my anxiety and panic attacks into the past.

I don’t want to name some of the other treatment programs i tried, as i understand that just because they didn’t work for me it doesn’t mean that they can’t work for others, but in my experience Panic Away covers all the aspects you need to beat the condition for good, not just gain temporary relief.

It can give you a fairly quick improvement in your condition, as i experienced myself, and there is nothing in it that is difficult to do, but you do have to commit yourself to putting it into practice.

The refund guarantee is cast iron as it is a stipulation of the payment processor that is used to sell the course online, so you really have nothing to lose by trying Panic Away to see if it can solve your problems like it did mine.

At the very least, I strongly recommend that people sign up for the free seven part course to get a flavour of the sort of advice that can be found in the full treatment program.

I hope that this Panic Away review has provided you with the information you needed to know about it, and i wish you good luck in finally finding the solution to your problems.