The FERRARI Update in Fortnite!

Fortnite just added the newest FERRARI to the game in todays update

The FERRARI Update in Fortnite!

You'll have the option to drive a Ferrari 296 GTB across the Fortnite island .

Epic Games is cooperating with Ferrari to bring one of the carmaker's unbelievable games vehicles to Fortnite, the two organizations declared on Thursday. (They prodded the cooperation on Wednesday.) Fortnite is as of now notable for its big name and brand joint efforts, yet the Ferrari going to the game, the 296 GTB cross breed sports vehicle, is the main authorized vehicle to show up in the gigantically famous fight royale shooter. 

Vehicles have gotten a staple of the game since they were added almost a year prior, yet as of recently, they've all been conventional portrayals of various types of vehicles, like a car, a pickup truck, and indeed, even a games vehicle. Epic says the Ferrari will play like different vehicles in Fortnite however will seem like what you'd hear from the genuine vehicle. In case you're curious about the Ferrari 296 GTB and need to see one very close, look at Ferrari's configurator for the vehicle, which is fueled by Epic's Unreal Engine. 

Fortnite isn't the solitary fight royale shooter highlighting authorized vehicles. PUBG: Mobile just added Teslas, including Model Ys that drive you to preset markers and self-driving Tesla Semis that convey fight supplies.