How Portugal's Ronaldo could break multiple records

How Portugal's Ronaldo could break multiple records

At the point when he strolls off the pitch on Tuesday evening, Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo will have another record added to his repertoire by turning into the primary player to participate in five Euro competitions. 

The Portuguese forward could break two new records before the finish of the opposition. 

The reigning champs will start off their Euro 2020 mission against Hungary at 18:00 CET from Budapest. 

Ronaldo, 36, needs only one objective to break his bind with France's Michel Platini for the title of Euro top scorer. Both have scored nine objectives with Ronaldo spreading them in the course of the last four contests while the Frenchmen scored them all in the 1984 competition Les Bleus proceeded to guarantee. 

"It's a decent record, yet more significant than this is win consecutive Euros," Ronaldo told correspondents on Monday.